Be Seen Academy

Set Up and Grow a Successful YouTube Channel from Scratch

When someone wants to look something up, the first thing they’re likely to do is Google it. And Google results contain a mix of web pages and YouTube videos, too.

Reach a new audience and help build new leads by starting a YouTube channel.

Create a new source of long-term income for you.

In just 43 Minutes you will learn how to set up and grow a YouTube channel from scratch.

What You'll Learn

  • How to start your YouTube Channel
  • How to pick the right niche for your Channel
  • Best YouTube video editor software
  • How to make money on YouTube
  • Customize your YouTube channel for success
  • Navigate your way through YouTube studio
  • Step-by-step uploading to YouTube

and more…

This course is perfect for beginners who wish to start their YouTube channel and learn what is needed to create the perfect videos, thumbnails, titles, tags and more.

Course Content

1. Does Equipment Really Matter?

2. Video Editing Software

3. What Should Your Channel Be About

4. What Types of Videos are Successful

5. How To Find a Niche That Actually Works

6. Consistency is Key

7. YouTube Ad Revenue Monetization

8. Membership, Supers, Join

9. Sponsors

10. Affiliate Marketing

11. How To Start a YouTube Channel

12. YouTube Channel Art & Profile Icon

13. Channel Description & Links

14. Customizing Your YouTube Channel Layout

15. Settings

16. Content Page (Your Videos)

17. Comments, Subtitles, Audio Library

Featured Reviews

Carla says:
I adore the methodology and instruction style. I am happy I bought this course, and I’m eager to learn everything I can and start doing things after each video..
Jason says:
First of all, I want to thank Cosmin for creating such an excellent course for beginners. I must also say that it is worth the money for those who are just getting started with YouTube.
Emmanuel says:
Great training! Explains in detail and provides concrete examples of how to set up a channel on YouTube. This is a course I would strongly suggest taking.
Stephanie says:
Excellent course. It goes into great depth about how to build a YouTube channel. Very useful.


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