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10 Top AI Video Editing Software for YouTube in 2023


AI powered video editing software automates operations that help you create content that looks good for your audience. With these tools, you can easily make videos that look like they were made by a professional by having the lighting, colors, and other features change on their own.

Also, editing software lets you choose, chop, reorder, and put together the video you need to tell a story or flow more clearly and smoothly. You can spice up your final result with special effects and transitions.

Since there are so many parts to making videos for YouTube, you can choose the wrong program in a hurry. I’ve put together a list of the 10 best AI editing software for making YouTube videos to enhance your channel.

1. Magisto

Some people consider Magisto the PowerPoint of video editing because making a video only takes three easy steps.

First, you choose the files you want to use. Next, choose a song from their music catalog. Last, choose a template from Magisto’s collection of more than 100 pieces to use as a base for putting your film together into a single clip.

There are more than 2 million professionally filmed full-HD stock video clips, more than 50 stickers, and background music in the platform’s library. Magisto can fix the color, stabilize the camera’s movement, and make additional changes. You can add a title sequence and captions to your video with the help of these tools.
Magisto can be used on a computer or through a phone app.

2. Wisecut

Wisecut is a popular editing program for “talking head” videos, including explainers and tutorials, in which one person speaks in front of the camera as an authority on the subject.

With Wisecut, uncomfortable pauses may be found and deleted automatically, so you don’t have to watch the video over and over again when you edit it. It does jump cuts for you with “punch in” and “punch out” so that your video is shorter and more interesting.

It also gets rid of any needless silences by “ducking” the audio or lowering the loudness of the background music when the speaker starts talking. Wisecut’s translations, which include Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and more, can help you reach a larger audience.

You can use Wisecut on your computer or on your phone.

3. Filmora

Filmora is notable for the many unique effects it has. The site offers more than 1,000 templates that are already set up and an auto beat sync option that lets you synchronize your video clips with music tracks.

Filmora keeps adding new features, like plug-ins for cinematic effects, motion graphics, and automatic sound and video sync.

This application makes it easy to find and remove areas of your footage that are too bright or too dark, as well as any jitters, so you can make a clean montage. The speed ramping tool enables you to change the speed of your video segments by giving you a choice of six speeds. Filmora additionally contains capabilities for masking, split screen, title editing, keyframing, screen recording, motion tracking, and auto reframing.

4. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a drag-and-drop platform that also has AI technologies that make it easy to edit videos with talking heads. It can also turn blog entries or articles into videos, which is another of its main strengths. It makes it easy for marketers to make interesting, personalized movies with brand colors, fonts, watermarks, and themes.

Lumen5 breaks up your information into sections based on how much text is in your transcript or article. It can find keywords and recommend where callouts and overlays should be placed. Any type of file can be used with the software. You can then put the finished product on your website or on social media.

5. InVideo

InVideo is the best place to make videos that look like they came from a professional studio. This easy-to-use application makes it easy to turn your ideas into videos in real time. It also comes with a library of templates and assets to help you get started.

With InVideo, you can add voiceover, change colors, animations, transitions, social media posts, shapes, emoticons, and more on templates, as well as add voiceover.

But InVideo is notable for its audio features: you may record yourself live, upload a voice you’ve already captured, or turn text into speech. You can also choose the language and voice for your video (you have three options).

InVideo’s library has more than 5,000 templates, transitions, and effects that may be changed. Subscribers also have access to more than 8 million video, image, and music tracks. It works with systems from Microsoft, Apple, and Linux. It has an intelligent video assistant that is driven by AI and online lessons that walk you through the process of editing.

6. Veed

Veed is another option to think about if most of the videos on your YouTube channel are tutorials or explainer videos. It is a cloud-based platform for editing videos that makes making professional videos easy.

Their most important features are one-click subtitling, auto-translation and subtitling, removal of background noise and unwanted pauses, cropping, cutting, transitions, custom branding, compression, replacing backgrounds with a new image or another video, converting formats, and adding different visual effects and audio visualizers.

Since it is in the cloud, it is perfect for teams. Avoid delayed file transfers and problems with the space on your laptop. Keep all of your video creations online where they may be seen. Let more than one editor work on the same project at the same time.

You can share videos with a URL, collect comments, and make sure that existing videos are always up-to-date. When you’re ready to share, just use a URL or embed the video directly into a website. Common use cases for VEED include social media videos, training videos, support videos, marketing videos, recruitment films, and onboarding videos.

The program can also be used on phones and tablets.

7. Moravi

 Movavi’s filters and transitions make films look more professional, which is why content creators have been using the platform since 2004. It is the best way to put your creative ideas to life and share them with the world.

Its best features include the Chroma key, which lets you change the background; picture-in-picture mode, which lets you show one main screen from one source device with an inset window from another source device, stylization or creative effects; and voice-overs.

With files being processed and rendered so quickly, you may find video editing to be easy, beautiful, and effective. It makes it easy to make short movies out of your videos and photographs by giving you a large library of sample video clips, stickers, and music tracks that you can use.

For a polished final output, add titles, filters, transitions, and special effects. Use animation to move things across the screen in your film in a fluid way.

8. rawshorts

 Rawshorts is a basic AI video editor that can help you make marketing, explanation, and demo films quickly and effortlessly. It contains a drag-and-drop video editor that lets you choose from pre-made video editing templates, add your own video clips, and modify your video by adding colors, text, audio, and transition effects.

9. Nova AI

Nova A.I. is an online video editor for YouTube that is easy to use and easy to learn. You don’t need any experience with video editing to utilize it.

Get more views, likes, and shares, and get more people to sign up. Make more videos and make sure everyone can watch them.

Cut, trim, and join together several clips. Add logos and make sure your videos are the right size. Add some music or sounds that are fun. Use subtitles and translations in more than 40 different languages to get everyone’s attention.

You don’t have to get big programs that would slow down your machine. You can work right from Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many other browsers.


Businesses and people who make videos for fun can use to make AI videos rapidly without losing quality. It is the first startup to employ artificial intelligence to make videos without first capturing them.

Synthesia has many options for making videos, such as personalized avatars, movie templates, and the ability to use more than one language.

Whether you want to make videos for social media, instructional, or marketing for your platforms, you can use a combination of several themes and an avatar to find the ideal fit for them.

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